Be Still… and Speak!

Wow, it has been so long since we have posted anything!  I speak for myself and Jessica when I say we are extremely sorry!  Life has been keeping us both busy, and honestly there has been quite a bit of rest needed for both of us.  We have both had some serious ups and downs the last few months.  Sometimes it’s easy to try and be the strong ones to just make sure we are encouraging everyone else, but truth is, we still have struggles too.

My struggle came from not speaking life enough into my situation, speaking life into my son the Lord has promised me and my husband.  There are so many times when I just feel gung-ho about all the promises and then there are days where I just sit and question EVERYTHING!  “Am I meant to have kids?, Maybe we should just travel and not have kids?, Would going to a doctor really help?”… More than the enemy even attacking me, because I refuse to give him more credit than he deserves, it’s normally my own thoughts that cause me to be distracted from speaking His blessings and promises over myself each day…. It’s nothing honestly that I can pinpoint what causes it though.  I find the only explanation for myself is I get into a Martha mindset and get so busy, and normally when I get to that place of business, I simply forget what it is I am fighting for.  I love to do a lot, and I love to do so much for others that I tend to forget about what God has for me.  I know I have to fight for what I believe He has promised me.  For so long I have thought that fighting meant I would have to go into prayer/war for hours, fast for days, and slay many devils for what God has promised me…. But I have learned lately that truly all I have to do is SPEAK what he has promised me, and be still!  I have to learn to stop being a busy body, so busy that I forget to speak.   Matt and I felt the Lord so strong the other night in our bedroom as we prayed over our son, as soon as we said our amens our sons complete name was given to me and I just shouted it out!  Ever since we have been talking about him daily, speaking life into him!

We  must stop being so busy!  The word tells us, ” Be still and know that I am God”, when we fully grasp that stillness, we recognize the full power He has put in us, and we remember to start speaking life into all our situations, speaking life into His promises!!

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